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The Art of Himroo Weaving

The Art of Himroo Weaving.

Himroo is one of the oldest weaving traditions still alive.

Himroo fabric is considered to be popular amongst tourists and the royalty. Himroo is made of both silk and cotton. The base of the fabric is usually woven with mostly cotton as it is available in abundance in the deccan region. The entire deccan region is dotted with cotton fields which makes it easier for Himroo craftsmen to produce high quality shawls, sarees and stoles. The tradition of weaving the Himroo fabric by hand has still been kept alive by the Qureshi family that has owned this business since the early 1900's. Other products that are produced in the Himroo factory besides shawls, stoles and sareees are bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, ties and other linens.

Himroo is one of the oldest weaving traditions still alive. Himroo uses the same technique as the craftsmen from the past, with a few innovations that were introduced by master craftsman Abdul Hameed Qureshi who revolutionized the Himroo industry in 1960's-70's.

We produce genuine Himroo at our weaving factory located in Aurangabad. In 2012, the Maharashtra Government awarded the Aurangabad Himroo factory and the Qureshi family for excellence in textiles, at the hands of the then chief minister Prithviraj Chauhan, on the occasion of 50 years of industrialization in Aurangabad.

The Technique of Himroo Weaving.

In earlier times the himroo weaving was done with minimum of two people.

The production time for a single Himroo shawl is usually 10 to 20 days. Himroo shawls are designed on both, the traditional age old medieval loom that uses throw shuttle and the Jacquard loom which uses fly shuttle, by craftsmen that have an eye for detail. On the Jacquard loom the flying shuttle is used as it gives compact texture. Abdul Hameed Qureshi, a master crafstman, was mainly responsible for introducing the new Jacquard looms to Himroo weavers making life easier for them. All Himroo products are mostly produced on Jacquard looms now which has made the productivity higher and also increased the width of the fabric.

The fabric itself is an extra-weft weaving technique and a mixture of silk, cotton and silver or gold threads. Himroo weavers mostly weave in pure silver or gold. The patterns are florals with intricate geometric borders.